Ötzi, the Iceman 
goes Hollywood

When Ötzi the Iceman was found by chance on September 19th, 1991 in the Schnalstal/Val Senales Valley, it caused a worldwide sensation. Ötzi's "immortality" was a constant theme in the US media for a while, as the companies offering cryo-storage felt confirmed that people could be resuscitated in the future.

A clique of young aspiring actors in Hollywood such as River Phoenix, Johnny Depp, Keanu Reaves, Juliette Lewis and Brad Pitt were very taken with Ötzi, the Iceman. The Ötzi, the Iceman silhouette is tattooed on Brad Pitt's forearm. A myth developed around the Ötzi silhouette and was considered a symbol of immortality. 
Photo: Brad Pitt with the tattoo of the Ötzi silhouette with cult director Quentin Tarantino 

© picture alliance/Camilla Morandi/Cannes 2019/IPA 

Riserva Superba

40% vol.
50 cl
Walcher Distillery Srl. | South Tyrol - Italy
Selection red grape marc
Aged for 24 months in oak barrels
Exclusive gift pack

Distribution partner Schnalstal Valley: Schweitzer Laces
Distribution partner Ötztal: Grissemann Zams


Author/Director: Felix Randau
Cast: Jürgen Vogel, Susanne Wuest, André Hennicke, Violetta Schurawlow, Franco Nero, Anna F., Sabin Tambrea, Martin Augustin Schneider, Paula Renzler, Axel Stein.

Producers: Port au Prince Film & Kultur Produktion
Film location: Schnalstal Valley
Partnership: 19991 Grappa Riserva Superba


The 19991 Grappa was made with glacier 
water from the Ötztal Alps, produced 
exclusively by Walcher Distillery in South Tyrol.
 Skill, long experience,traditional methods and 
storage in oak barrels ensure a unique 
taste experience.


In one of the most violent storms of the Neolithic Age, the eternal ice devoured Ötzi, the Iceman. On September 19th 1991, the Simon couple discovered the most famous mummy in the World. The date of discovery is also the Name of this tasteful spirit - 19991.

The Ötzi discovery site is located between the two popular and well-known hiking and skiing destinations Schnalstal Valley in South Tyrol and Ötztal in Tyrol.

Schnalstal Valley

Welcome in one of the most fascinating valleys in the alps!

1.00 euro for every bottle 
for the science

For every bottle sold, 1 euro goes towards the Ötzi Iceman scholarship. The scholarship supports students involved in archaeological and other scientific research at the Ötzi discovery site, in the area between the Ötztal in Tyrol and the Schnalstal Valley in South Tyrol.

 Created by Warmund Ygl in 1604, and partly based on his own land surveys, Ygl's map of the Tyrol was its first definitive representation. For the first time in the history of mapping, an alpine glacier is shown as a major geographical feature: "Der Groß Verner - Glacies continua et perpetua". The glacier in the Ötztal Alps was marked as a large ice dome crisscrossed by crevasses. At that time, glaciers were the source of great interest, as they advanced into the moutain valleys. This phenomenon occurred sometime around 1600 as a result of the cooling of the climate, known as the Little Ice Age. By that time, Ötzi the Iceman had already been entrapped in this gigantic glacier massif for some 4900 years. 


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